we exclusively use Queensberry Albums - made in New Zealand 

Ah the wedding album.  This is something you will never regret having.  I am surprised at the number of couples who ask us if they "really" need a wedding album.  I say without a doubt YES!  Why you may ask ... well, I am about to explain.

Most couples think that just because they have 500 plus photos on a disc or usb with a print release, that it's good enough.  Well, contrary to that popular belief most often than not, the disc or usb gets placed in a drawer or under some fashion magazines to never be seen again.  What will happen in the next ten years when you go to pull out your nifty disc full of wedding day images to show your children, only to realize the technology has changed and you don't have the proper equipment.  Heck, we don't even know if computers in 20 years will even recognize usb or discs.  Photos are meant to be printed.  Handing a couple their images on a disc or a usb is like handing over a roll of undeveloped negatives back in the day when photographers shot wedding with film.  Your photos were intended to be displayed as beautiful works of art and serve as an ever lasting symbol of your love,

It really is a no brainer You spent months and maybe even years making sure your wedding day was perfect.  You planned every detail.  The day came and it was absolutely as you had planned - perfect!  It was everything you could have ever dreamed of.  It went by fast didn't it?  Thank goodness you chose an amazing photography team to document and tell the story of your day (that would be us - insert cheesy smile here).  Your album will be uniquely handcrafted by the talented artisans at Queensberry, and printed on archival paper.  In the end you will have a professionally designed, high quality album.  This is your families first heirloom that will last for generations to come.  Priceless.